Rory Lane

Missing Hiker Found Seriously Injured After Two Days In Gold Coast Wilderness

Missing hiker Rory Lane has been found alive but injured after an extensive search through the Gold Coast over the weekend. 

The 26-year-old was found by members of the public after falling seven metres down a cliff. 

Mr Lane spent two nights stranded in cold temperatures as rescue teams continued their search. 

The Gold Coast man was walking through Lamington National Park with a friend when the pair became separated. 

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Senior Sergeant Mitchell Gray told media during a press conference on Monday that Mr Lane had been found seriously injured but alive. 

“In the last 20 minutes, we have located the missing person critically injured in our search and rescue area,” he said.

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“At the moment we have the rescue helicopter from Archerfield responding and a team of SES and police making their way with a stretcher.”

Police, Queensland Fire and Rescue, State Emergency Services and several helicopters were deployed to search for Mr Lane but were unsuccessful. 

He was later found by chance by a walker passing through the area. 

Mr Lane is believed to have suffered serious injuries and exposure after spending two nights in the Gold Coast wilderness. 

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