Melbourne Airport Has Faced Delays Due To Reported Security Breach

Dozens of domestic flights have been delayed at Melbourne Airport due to a reported security breach. 

All domestic flights had been grounded early on Monday morning, building huge queues inside the Qantas terminal.

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The chaos was reportedly caused by a passenger needing to be rescreened by airport security after passing through unchecked. 

A spokesperson from Melbourne Airport verified that the security screening process at Qantas Terminal 1 was temporarily halted from 6:25am to 6:50am. 

The spokesperson could not provide specific details regarding the cause of the shutdown, as Qantas manages the security systems in the terminal.

Passengers expressed their frustration online, with Rene Australia on Twitter saying: “Gee… that’s good to know. I’m pretty happy not to be flying Qantas.” 

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Campbell Fuller, on Twitter, said: “Finally an announcement. Qantas is calling passengers for early flights forward in the queues. This interruption is bound to cause massive delays all day.” 

According to the Melbourne Airport website, domestic flights had been delayed between 20 minutes and almost an hour.

At about 7am this morning, most of the flights were running on time, with Sydney-bound flights delayed between 20 to 30 minutes.

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