Meet Kristi Noam, Trump’s Likely Running Mate

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have now secured their respective parties’ presidential nomination for the November US presidential election.

Biden will partner with Vice President Kamala Harris for the second election in succession. Donald Trump said he has had a shortlist in mind, but most pundits are pointing to South Dakota governor Kristi Noam.

On The Briefing, Washington Correspondent for The Australian newspaper Adam Creighton shares why Donald Trump might be keeping his cards so close to his chest:

Noam’s vocal anti-lockdown stance during the pandemic boosted her profile on the national stage amid speculation she would run for president herself.

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She said she’d consider becoming his running mate “in a heartbeat”.

“Trump support is particularly lower amongst women,” Adam Creighton said, “He probably thinks that if there’s a woman as his VP candidate, he’s going to have a bit better chance amongst that group that very large group.”

In January, Donald Trump hinted that he had already made a decision about who his VP pick would be, and has chosen someone who can “handle TV well” and appeals to his MAGA base.

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