Massive Fire Engulfs Iconic Khartoum Tower Amidst Ongoing Sudanese Conflict

An 18-storey landmark, the Greater Nile Petroleum Oil Company Tower, located in the heart of Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, was engulfed in flames on Sunday amid continued conflicts between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The incident marked the sixth month of unrest, with reporting from Sudanese media indicating that the towering structure caught fire during intense fighting between the military and the RSF. 

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It remains unclear how the devastating fire started and whether there have been casualties resulting from this incident.

Disturbing online footage of the blaze reveals ominous clouds of dark smoke billowing from the burnt-out glass-panelled tower.

“This is truly painful,” said Tagreed Abdin, an architect of the building, in a post on Twitter.

Since mid-April, Sudan has been embroiled in a violent conflict that has wreaked havoc on Khartoum, effectively transforming it into an urban war zone. 

In the Greater Khartoum area, the RSF has reportedly taken control of civilian homes, converting them into operational bases, while the military has responded with airstrikes on residential areas, allegations raised by rights groups and activists.

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This protracted conflict has not been confined to Khartoum alone, as in the western Darfur region, it has devolved into ethnic violence, with the RSF and allied Arab militias reportedly targeting ethnic African groups.

According to the United Nations, the ongoing conflict has already claimed the lives of over 4,000 people as of August 2023, though the actual toll is believed to be much higher, with doctors and activists highlighting unreported casualties.

Last month, Amnesty International also weighed in, alleging extensive war crimes committed by both parties. 

The situation in Sudan remains dire, with calls for international intervention growing louder as the nation grapples with the relentless violence and destruction that continue to unfold.

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