Mac Point

Macquarie Point Stadium Remains Problematic For Tasmania Politians

The Tasmanian Government will have two opportunities to vote on the future of the Macquarie Point stadium project, and the first could be later this year.

Premier Jeremy Rockliff said at the budget estimates hearing on Monday changes were being made to the legislation governing projects significant to the state.

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A draft precinct plan and master plan for the controversial stadium are expected in October, following the amendments of the legislation which is expected to go before parliament in August.

“We’re working on that now in terms of the draft legislation, and I look forward to bringing that to the Parliament as soon as practicable made that very clear commitment,” he said.

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Mr Rockliff was questioned on the transparency of the project and insisted he “tabled all the advice that I was advised to table”.

“I’ve got nothing to hide. This is a very open and transparent process; I can’t think of another project that’s been so heavily scrutinised.”

Mr Rockliff’s defence comes before Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor MP wrote in a statement the premier “continued his refusal to provide real answers on his fiscally irresponsible blank cheque stadium”.

Following questions answered my Mr Rockliff at the estimates hearings, Ms O’Connor accused the government of doing “very little work to determine what the stadium might look like and whether it’ll actually fit in Macquarie Point”.

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