Like The Olympics, But On Steroids. Meet The Enhanced Games

From disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong to Russia systematically doping its Olympic athletes, there has been no shortage of drug cheating scandals in the world of sport. 

But what if we were to allow doping in sports competitions?

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The Enhanced Games are an elite international sporting event without drug testing, and is being planned to take place later this year.

Officials have claimed the event would have strenuous health testing to keep athletes safe, many experts have countered that the games are a very dangerous idea.

Aron D’Souza, the president of the proposed Enhanced Games compared the dangers of the Enhanced Games to something lile Formula One racing and the messages the sport perceives to young people.

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“It sends a similar message as Formula One, and so in Formula One, you might say, oh, this encourages young people, particularly young men, to drive recklessly and fast on the roads,” he said.

“That’s in fact not true.

“Formula One encourages young people to respect the craft of motorsport, to practice, and to believe in engineering. And actually, Formula One inspires our young people into engineering careers, particularly here in the United Kingdom where I’m at. 

“So we hope in the same way, the Enhanced Games encourages our young people to believe in science and to believe in medicine.”

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