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Lack Of Regulation In Sydney’s Doggy Daycare Industry Raises Concerns

With the increasing number of dog owners in Sydney, doggy daycare has become a thriving business. 

Recent research shows that the number of pet dogs in Sydney has boomed in recent years, up 27 per cent since 2019.

However, the booming popularity of doggy daycare services in Sydney has raised concerns about the lack of regulation in the industry. 

Unlike daycare centres for children, the doggy daycare industry operates with little to no regulation. 

On today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, we talked to Maddie Curr Smith, the owner of The Hound Lounge, to find out what should be done to improve the industry.

Smith says that no mandatory checks or qualifications are required to open a facility, which means anyone can start a daycare business without proper training or understanding of dog behaviour. 

She says the lack of regulation has created an environment where dogs may experience behavioural issues and suffer due to inadequate care.

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A lot can go wrong when you look after dogs, especially when you’re looking after them in a free-play kind of scenario. They are creatures with their own emotions,”

Smith said.

Doctor Kersi Seksel, Registered Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, said she would like to see people better trained and educated.

I think education is always the key.”

According to the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, the NSW Government “takes animal cruelty offences extremely seriously and is currently considering next steps in relation to the State’s animal welfare legislative framework.”

As enforcement agencies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (POCTAA), the RSPCA NSW and the AWL NSE will investigate any complaints received about alleged animal cruelty. 

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