Kmart’s Christmas Range Faces Backlash From Dog Food Expert

Kmart shoppers have been urged to watch out for three newly released pet products from the retail giant’s Christmas range.

In a social media uproar, renowned dog food expert @petdrs has expressed serious concerns about the potential harm of these products, including Kmart’s Dog Treat Stocking 25 Pieces, Rawhide Dino Bone, and Dog Christmas Cookies 6pk. 

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“These treat stockings are dreadful,” she said.

“They’ve got some of the worst ingredients – dextrose, wheat, sugar, soy, rawhide. Rawhide, I don’t have enough time to tell you about it. It is dreadful, please do not give it to your dog,” she said in the social media post.

In a separate video, the expert delved into the dangers of feeding dogs rawhide, emphasising its adverse effects on digestion and the potential for blockages and choking.

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Responding to the controversy, a Kmart spokesperson told that customers are encouraged to shop with their pets’ best interests in mind. 

“Our pet treats are designed to be treats,” the spokesperson said.

“As with all pet products, we can encourage owners to make informed choices based on what is suitable for their pet.”

Despite the warnings, @petdrs assured viewers that Kmart still offers excellent Christmas options for pets. 

As the holiday season approaches, she suggests pet owners to prioritise their pets’ well-being when selecting treats and toys, opting for products that contribute positively to their health and happiness.

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