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On Topic Series: Kemi Nekvapil On Power

Kemi Nekvapil is a coach, speaker and author who teaches people all over Australia and the world how to understand and embrace their power. 

She spends each day teaching people how to recognise they are worthy without having to prove it, why presence is more important than false positivity and how to step into their power.

On this week’s episode of The Weekend Briefing’s On Top Series, Kemi joins Jamila Rizvi to explain the way she teaches power and how it looks and feels different for every single person.


Kemi teaches her clients that the word power can be broken down as an acronym, making up the components of what the word encompasses.

“I break down the word power into the acronym of power which is presence, ownership, wisdom, equality and responsibility,” Kem explains.

“If we chase after a success and we achieve it, but we haven’t actually been present enough to work out why that’s important to us, when we get that form of success or that form of power, it is not going to be fulfilling.

“So, in a world that is constantly telling us what power should look like and should feel like and in a world that tells us consistently what success should look like and probably not what it should feel like, we need to take the time to be present as individuals to what does a successful life look like for me.

“What does it feel like for me when I am in my full power for myself?”

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