Katie Perry Vs Katy Perry: How An Aussie Mum Defeated A Superstar

Singer Katy Perry has lost her long-running legal fight with Australian clothing designer Katie Perry. 

Our Federal court has ruled that the pop star infringed on the trademark of the local brand, which was established in 2007 before the singer’s rise to international fame.

On today’s The Briefing, we speak with clothing designer Katie Perry about why the case took so long and how she feels now that she finally has a verdict. 

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“This is a tale of two women, two teenage dreams and one name,” Justice Brigitte Markovic said at the beginning of a lengthy written judgement.

The court ruled the designer had partially succeeded on her claims of trademark infringement.

Instead of changing the name of the label, she decided to take the battle with singer Katy Perry.

Because it was wrong. Because one of my values is about justice, and another one is about truth. And I had done what I was told to do. Get your ABN, register your business name, get a trademark,”

clothing designer Katie Perry said.

“I had done all those things, and it was wrong that some overseas conglomerate can just come in and say, Actually, we want you gone,”

she added.

A hearing with IP Australia between the two parties was scheduled after the singer Katy’s team filed a notice of opposition but ultimately fell through, and the attempts to establish a co-existence agreement also failed.

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A decade after the original scuffle, clothing designer Katie Perry applied with the Federal Court of Australia against the singer Katy Perry and her companies Killer Queen and Kitty Purry.

The civil law case has been going back and forth for over three years.

During the court proceedings. It came out with emails that she (singer Katy Perry) had written to her manager, slamming me, like you said. Right. Let’s just say when I heard them for the first time in court, tears streamed down my face.”

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