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Jacinta Allan Defends Decision To Ignore Banning Duck Hunting Recommendation

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan has defended the decision of her cabinet to ignore the recommendation of banning duck hunting.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Ms Allan defended the decision, with the government instead introducing tougher penalties and training requirements for hunters.

“I want to thank everyone for sharing their views on this issue,” the premier said.

“It is one [with] many and varied views across the Victorian community and indeed we saw in the report itself that there was not a consensus position reached in the report, and cabinet took its time yesterday to consider that report.

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“As a consequence of that consideration, the minister announced there was no change to the government’s position.”

A government-led inquiry back in August called for all duck hunting on private and public land to be illegalised from 2024.

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Speaking on Monday following the announcement, outdoor recreation minister Steve Dimopoulos said seven of the eight recommendations from the inquiry were either fully or partially accepted.

“We accept that hunting is a legitimate activity that many thousands of Victorians enjoy, and we want to make it safe and responsible and sustainable,” Mr Dimopoulos said.

“There are many things that I don’t enjoy personally – duck hunting is one of them. But I can’t sit here and tell Victorians how to live their lives.

“There was a diversity of views in the community and there was a diversity of views within the government.”

Victoria’s 2024 duck hunting season will for eight weeks from April 10.

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