Is Liverpool Now Sydney’s Third City?

Liverpool is emerging as Sydney’s third Central Business District, adding to the ranks alongside Sydney CBD and Parramatta.

The area is rapidly transforming into an economic centre and a city in its own right.

On today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, LiSTNR producer Simon Beaton talked to Mark McCrindle, the demographer and founder of McCrindle, to find out whether Liverpool has already made the transition from suburb to city.

Liverpool has been seen as an emerging central business district (CBD) and gateway to the upcoming western Sydney Aerotropolis. 

Mr McCrindle said the local government area in Liverpool now has nearly a quarter of a million people.

Sydney as a whole is growing, but Liverpool is growing even faster again because of affordability,”

he said.

Mr McCrindle says that Liverpool’s demographics reflect the characteristics of Sydney but on a larger scale. 

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Its culturally diverse and aspirational population and its younger median age of 34 make it an economic driver and work hub for the region. 

He said once an urban locality hit 25k to 30k, it would begin to transition into a city.

Sydney has a younger median age than rural and regional areas, but Liverpool is way below the national average of 38,”

he added.

So, it’s a younger, culturally diverse, employed, urban and increasingly aspirational population.”

While Liverpool and Parramatta are leading the way, other towns in the greater Sydney area, such as Campbelltown and Penrith, are also likely to transition to independent cities.

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