Is Democracy Declining Globally And Why Should We Care? 

Malcolm Turnbull was Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, holding office from 2015 to 2018.  

His brand new podcast Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull, dives deep into his thoughts on the state of the world and our political system. 

He has discussed authoritarian governments and misinformation campaigns all the way from Australia’s Teal election to the conversation with former British Prime Minister Theresa May.  

Click the link below and listen the full episode now:

One question is waiting to be answered: Are we witnessing the decline of western or liberal democracy? 

On today’s Briefing, we talk to Turnbull about Australian culture and electoral voting, most importantly, whether democracy still survives in the political system of the country? 

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Over the six episodes, Mr Turnbull spoke to leaders across the globe and at home.  

This is the podcast that I actually have done myself, after being on lots of other podcasts. I think it’s a really interesting medium, and it’s extraordinarily diverse,”

Mr Turnbull said. 

When talking to Theresa May about democracy in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mr Turnbull commented on the character of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. 

I cannot reconcile the very rational, cold, analytical, calculating guy I had got to know before and while I was prime minister to the reckless person who launched this invasion. Leaving aside the criminality and brutality of it, it was just so misconceived.”

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