Is Australia Going To Burn Again This Summer?

July 2023 was Earth’s hottest month on record. Parts of Greece, eastern Spain and southern Italy have seen temperatures above 45°C this summer and massive bushfires have raged in the south of Europe, the Mediterranean as well as North Africa.

In Australia, we have had an unusually warm, dry winter and experts are warning an El Nino event is expected for summertime. There are very real fears that Australia is in for another horror bushfire season like the Black Summer seen in 2019.

On today’s episode of The Briefing we speak to the former Fire Chief Greg Mullins, who is a climate expert. He was the one who tried to warn former Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the catastrophic fire danger months before that terrifying Black Summer.

“It’s really concerning because we’ve had three cooler, wetter years, and of course massive flooding. Whenever we swing out of those events, there’s only been three in the past, before this, we’ve gone immediately into a bad bushfire season on the east coast.”

“We must reduce the temperature, we must stop our addiction to the poisons of coal, oil and gas that are killing this planet as quickly as possible.”

We ask Mullins what everyone want to know: What is the government doing to avoid a repeat of that horrid bushfire event?

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