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Investigative Podcast “Rupert: The Last Mogul” Set To Unveil Untold Stories Of Rupert Murdoch’s Legacy

The first episode of 7am’s investigative podcast, “Rupert: The Last Mogul,” hosted by Paddy Manning, is now live.

The six-part series aims to provide a comprehensive audio documentary on Rupert Murdoch, exploring his rise from running a small newspaper in Adelaide to becoming a global media mogul.

The award-winning journalist and author of The Successor has interviewed people from all chapters of Murdoch’s life, from his closest allies to some of his worst enemies.

The series promises to be an encompassing narrative of the Murdoch family, including the sole biography of Lachlan Murdoch, one of the pivotal figures in the Murdoch empire.

The podcast has also captured the most significant moments of Murdoch’s career, tracing the answer to the central question: What drives Rupert Murdoch? Money, power or something else?

Manning expressed his anticipation for the release, emphasising the unparalleled influence and controversies surrounding Murdoch’s life. 

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“There are stories that keep on giving… and then there’s the life of Rupert Murodch,” Manning says.

“No Australian comes close in terms of global influence, controversy or impact, and it’s not over yet.”

Sarah McVeigh, Schwartz Media’s head of audio said it is essential that the public takes an in-depth look at Rupert Murdoch as his reign comes to an end.

“(Take a look into) how he became the media’s most powerful man, and what the implications of his decisions will be for the future of the press and democracies around the world.”

Episodes of Rupert: The Last Mogul will be available on LiSTNR and all other podcast apps.