Investigation Established After Man Seen Being Struck By Police Officer

An investigation has been launched into a police incident in Strathpine after an officer was captured on camera allegedly hitting a man several times before tasering him. 

An officer was believed to have been responding to a crash in Strathpine at around 1:45PM on Thursday when the man inside the vehicle became “highly agitated”. 

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According to a police statement, the man in the vehicle was alleged to have been inebriated.

“Police will allege the man was drinking from a wine bottle and was under the influence of the substance,” they said. 

“After the officer attempted to take the bottle away several times, it was allegedly thrown towards him.”

Police said the man allegedly struck the officer with the car door several times before he was subdued. 

After giving numerous directions for the man to remain in the car, it will be alleged he continued to attempt to leave the vehicle by kicking the door into the officer, who used physical force to contain the man in the vehicle.

QLD Police

“The man continued to attempt to leave the car and after several verbal warnings, a Taser was deployed by police.”

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Several officers arrived at the scene shortly after where they were allegedly spat on by the man. 

The incident was captured on video by bystanders, showing the police officer striking the man several times before tasering him. 

The man has since been transported to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for treatment to minor injuries. 

An investigation into the police officer’s response and the man’s behaviour has been established. 

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