How Your Work Spaces Could Change In 2024

The four-day work week and flexible working are all going to be major buzzwords this year – if they weren’t already in 2023.

And have you heard of co-working? Coworking is an arrangement where workers from different companies share the one office space.

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We’re seeing this more, as spaces are being created in suburban centres so that workers don’t need to commute as far.

In this episode of The Briefing, Rhianna Patrick delves into all of this with Jared Lindzon, a freelance journalist who has been published in the BBC, Time Magazine, and Fast Company.

“Co-working is looking different than it did before the pandemic, but it’s still alive and well,” Lindzon said.

“Co-working is emerging as something that exists more outside of the main downtown cause and isn’t just this gigantic complex, where people work in a huge open space and have, you know, social interactions.

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“It’s being able to have a neighbourhood workstation that’s got everything you need and maybe a few of your co-workers who also live in the same neighbourhood all in the same space.

“Co-working still exists, but it’s evolving to meet the needs of a more flexible, more remote and less sort of centrally located concentrated market.”

To hear more about co-working, whether Lindzon thinks we’ll be seeing more of it, as well as what we can expect when it comes to other work arrangements in 2024, listen to the episode of The Briefing.

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