How You Could Buy Your Very Own Private Island

Fancy your own private island? You could buy your own for the price of a family home in Australia’s capital cities. 

When you think of private islands, you probably think of celebrities. But, with several small islands in Tasmania and Queensland recently hitting the market for just a few million dollars, could they be becoming more attainable?

In March this year, Poole Island in Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands was listed on the market with an asking price of just under $1 million, about the price of a three-bedroom home in Melbourne’s suburbs. 
Last month, Temple Island on the Great Barrier Reef was listed for $1.75 million, while Hamilton Island is currently for sale for a much less attainable $1 billion. 

Today on The Briefing, we speak to Former Victorian politician Clem Newton-Brown who has owned Picnic Island in Tasmania for 20 years and is now selling for $5 million as we take a look behind the fantasy of owning an island.

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