Is MONA’s Ladies Lounge Saga A PR Stunt?

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart has been forced to allow men into its women-only Ladies Lounge installation after a NSW man took the museum to the Tasmanian Civil Administrative Tribunal and won.

The installation, which first opened in 2020, was created by MONA curator Kirsha Kaechele whose husband is MONA owner, David Walsh.

Under the ruling, MONA has 28 days to stop refusing entry to men, or people who don’t identify as women.

Jahan Kalantar, a Sydney-based solicitor, lecturer and entrepreneur spoke on The Briefing about whether this decision will lead to women being allowed into men’s only clubs.

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Hear why Kalantar compares the case to the Heard v Depp battle on The Briefing:

“This is a PR strategy that looks like a lawsuit,” Kalantar said.

“Their goal was to get attention and they got attention.”

WATCH Jahan on The Briefing here.

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