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How NIMBYs Are Draining The Fun Out Of Sydney

Have you heard of the term “NIMBY”? It stands for “Not In My Back Yard”.

It refers to individuals who don’t oppose cultural hubs but fight against having them in their own neighbourhoods. 

These entitled neighbours, increasingly common in Sydney, complain about noise and traffic stemming from the city’s social scene, from a pub down the road to the limited number of concerts at Allianz Stadium. 

The question is, have we let NIMBYs ruin Sydney?

In today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, we spoke with Elizabeth Barry, a freelance journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald, about her personal encounters with NIMBYs. 

Barry recently moved to a street where NIMBYs complain about a pub that has been there longer than they have. 

I thought my neighbours wanted the same thing. Why would you choose to live in an area with an amazing vibe and then complain about it?”

Barry said.

Barry encourages all neighbours to have empathy and accommodation when residing in the city or consider relocating to quieter areas. 

You could move to a peaceful suburb in the Inner-West and experience a completely different atmosphere, so choose the neighbourhoods you want to live in,”

she said.

Barry notices that there are NIMBYs in her community who oppose any form of development and resist change.

I feel guilty because we are facing a housing crisis at the same time, so I believe everyone needs to find a balance in their neighbourhoods.”

According to a report by former Reserve Bank of Australia economist Tony Richards, Australia could have constructed an additional 1.3 million homes in the past two decades.

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However, he attributes the significant housing undersupply to the planning and building regulations imposed by local councils.

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