Kylie Moore-Gilbert

How Kylie Moore-Gilbert Survived Two Years Of Prison Torture

In August 2018, Kylie Moore-Gilbert, an Australian academic and Iran expert, attended a seminar in then country’s capital city, Tehran. The trip would change her life forever.

After a three-week stay, Moore-Gilbert, 33 was preparing to board a flight when authorities suddenly arrested her, wrongfully accusing her of being a spy. She spent a week holed up in a hotel being interrogated. Her hopes authorities would realise her innocence were dashed when they threw her in Evin Prison, one of Iran’s most notorious prisons.

In a two-by-two cell, the 33 year old spent 804 days, subjected to horrifying living conditions and the worst kind of torture – solitary confinement.

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“You hear other prisoners in other cells who are just screaming and beating themselves against the doors of the cell and, you know, hearing those noises also that they’re being tortured in there, even though they’re there alone and nobody else is doing it to them, the isolation and the sensory deprivation is, is what’s torturing them.”

– Kylie Moore-Gilbert

Kylie has detailed her shocking ordeal in her new book called “The Uncaged Sky”. On today’s episode of The Briefing she shares her incredible story of survival and how she finally got out.

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