Hawthorn Racism Investigation Set To Be Heard By Humans Right Commission

The First Nations families involved in the Hawthorn racism investigation are almost certain to turn to the Australian Human Rights Commission after the AFL concluded its independent panel.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan called a late press conference on Tuesday night to announce there will be no “adverse findings” against the AFL, current senior coaches Alastair Clarkson and Chris Fagan and former Hawthorn welfare manager Jason Burt.

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Two First Nations families a pursuing a hearing with the Human Rights Commission and the four families involved with the Hawthorn investigation look to join the process.

Speaking to the media, McLachlan said the families involved are able to pursue any action they wish.

“We support all parties doing what they want to do from here,” he said.

“We would be supportive of any action individuals would want to take moving forward.”

McLachlan insisted that “zero” financial compensation has been paid to the complainants, who he said they “[wished] to resolve all differences with the AFL” and won’t pursue any legal action against the league.

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He described the outcomes announced last night as an “imperfect resolution” with the investigation “one of the most challenging things” he’s seen in the game.

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The AFL says it will now move quickly to finalise if any charges will be laid against the Hawthorn Football Club.

The process with the Human Rights Commission is expected to commence this week which will require mandatory mediations between the First Nations families and Clarkson, Fagan and Burt.

If a resolution isn’t reached, the complainants can sue for discrimination in the Federal Court – but that process could take more than two years.

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