Has Stan Grant Reminded Australia That It’s Racist?

The last two weeks have seen torrents of media commentary following journalist Stan Grant’s decision to step down as host of ABC’s Q+A, due to racist remarks and online threats to him and his family.

Grant called out the broadcaster’s management for failing to support him against “relentless” racial abuse fuelled by right-wing media.

On this week’s episode of Blak Matters, Teela and MC discuss the treatment of First Nations people in the public eye and just how much racism they are exposed to.

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The pair question how has this space changed over time, is Australia getting better or worse, and how has social media exacerbated the situation?

As a close friend of Grant’s, Teela said she feels deeply for what he and his family have been through, not just the last couple of weeks, but as First Nations people.

Teela said she and all other First Nations understand Grant’s situation as the “violence” is what they face on a daily basis, describing Australia has a country “built on racism”.

“Racism in Australia has to be seen as both a systemic and interpersonal issue. Australia is synonymous with racism, Australia would not exist without racism,” Teela said on the latest episode of Blak Matters.

“That infiltrates every aspect of our lives, and those who experience the brunt of it are First Nations Peoples because this country was designed on our erasure.

“I think we have to be really serious about racism dismantling racism in our society and we shouldn’t wait for matters like this to create the change that is so necessary to make sure First Nations Peoples are living in a world Yindyamarra.

Teela continued to share her thoughts on Grant’s position, saying that him speaking up wasn’t him “complaining” rather than emphasising the disappointing reality of racism in Australia.

“It wasn’t that he was complaining about just the racism, it was that there is no accountability when this happens in Australia. There’s no punishment, there’s no consequences for perpetrators and that stems on the fact this nation is built on [racism].”

So, what can we do as Australians to change the way we address racism and punishing those caught? How has social media exacerbated the situation and made racism more violent in this country than ever before?

You can listen to all this and more on this week’s episode.

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