Image: CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan, Twitter.

Gippsland Residents Wake Up To Emergency Warnings As Fires Continue To Burn

Residents in Victoria’s Gippsland have been told to leave immediately as a bushfire doubled in size overnight.

The bushfire at Duffy Road, Briagolong is currently pushing toward the Princes Highway and railway line.

Firefighters overnight continued to battle three out of control blazes.

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VicEmergency has issued an Emergency Warning for residents of Stockdale, Iguana Creek, and Glenaladale between Princes Highway and Beverleys Road, who have been told to leave now.

“Firefighters have been unable to stop the fire and it is now moving from Duffy Rd, Briagolong towards the Princes Highway,” the warning said.

“Leaving immediately is the safest option, before conditions become too dangerous. Emergency services may not be able to help you if you decide to stay.”

The same fire has caused for an Emergency Warning issued for those north of Beverleys Road, Briagolong – residents here told it’s too late to leave.

In Stratford, Bengworden, Hillside and surrounding areas south of the Princes Highway a Watch and Act – Leave Now warning has been issued.

Meanwhile a fire continues to burn about four kilometres southwest of Loch Sport – with residents there and in Seacombe told it’s too late to leave and to take shelter now.

Relief centres have been established at the Marina Hotel in Loch Sport and the Gippsland Regional Sports Complex at Cobains Road in Sale.

Heavy rain is predicted for later this week and should provide much-needed relief, however, with the rain looms the chance of flooding.

A low-pressure system is expected to dump heavy rainfall and spark flash flooding from Wednesday.

Stay up to date with the latest warnings and advice on the VicEmergency website or app.

Other sources to stay informed include VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226, Facebook or Twitter and tuning into ABC Local radio.

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