Queensland, Australia

$2.7 Billion Gabba Rebuild Not Required By Olympic Committee To Host 2032 Games

The multi-billion dollar rebuild of Brisbane’s Gabba Stadium is not a requirement to host the Olympics, says the Australian Olympic Committee.

The Queensland Government has planned to demolish and rebuild the stadium at a cost of $2.7 billion – which would also require the demolition of heritage-listed East Brisbane state school.

But the revelations the demolition isn’t required comes as the Senate’s rural and regional committee holds its hearing into the country’s preparedness to host the 2032 Games.

Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll was questioned by opposition senators about previous comments he made the Gabba would only require a “coat of paint” to host the Games.

In repones to questioning from Penny Allman-Payne, Mr Carroll said the rebuild was a decision for the state government to make.

“The IOC does not dictate what a city should or should not build. The IOC’s position is: please don’t build new venues for the Olympics just for the Olympics,” he said.

He added the Gabba’s rebuild was largely for long-term use for cricket and AFL games.

The committee’s chair, senator Matt Canavan, put to Mr Carroll the Gabba rebuild wasn’t “necessary or sufficient” for a successful Olympics and would need to be justified by “broader benefits”, in which he agreed to.

Mr Carroll said the Olympics committee only requires a venue capable of hosting the Olympic Games but didn’t elaborate further if that would be the Gabba with a new paint job.