Fourth Non-Citizen Arrested Following High Court Ruling On Indefinite Detention

A fourth individual has been arrested and charged with crimes just days after being released into the community.

The 45-year-old man, whose identity remains undisclosed, now faces charges of theft and violating his curfew.

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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) reported that the man was apprehended at a Melbourne hotel, where he was accused of breaching his visa conditions.

Authorities allege that he not only failed to comply with the specified curfew but also stole luggage from a sleeping traveller at Melbourne Airport.

This arrest follows a sequence of detentions among the 148 non-citizens released following the High Court ruling

Earlier this week, Victorian police confirmed the arrest of a third individual who failed to meet reporting obligations as a registered sex offender. 

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Another former detainee, Aliyawar Yawari, is in custody after being charged with indecent assault in South Australia.

In response to the challenges posed by the release of these non-citizens, the government is set to pass new laws on Wednesday night. 

The legislation aims to reintroduce detention for individuals released under the High Court ruling.

The new laws would automatically apply to individuals with prior convictions, punishable by seven years of imprisonment or more. 

However, the government has yet to disclose the number of non-citizens affected by these new preventative detention measures. 

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