Russian missile

Four Killed In Russian Missile Attack On Ukraine Restaurant

A Russian missile has struck a busy restaurant in Ukraine on Tuesday, killing four people and injuring 42 others. 

Four people including one child have been killed after a Russian missile hit a pizza restaurant in Ukraine on Tuesday. 

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Governor of the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine said authorities are still working to establish the number of people killed. 

“Two rockets were fired at the city of Kramatorsk … at a food establishment in the centre of the city where there were a great number of civilians,” he said. 

The RIA Pizza restaurant is believed to be a popular spot for foreign journalists to work from. 

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At least 12 people were pulled from the rubble by rescue teams with 42 confirmed injured including an infant. 

Four people have so far been confirmed dead including a child and a 17-year-old girl. 

The area where the missile struck is believed to be occupied by a large number of civilians. 

A White House spokesperson has commented on the attack describing it as “brutal”. 

“We condemn Russia’s brutal strikes against the people of Ukraine, which have caused widespread death and destruction and taken the lives of so many Ukrainian civilians.”

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