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Footage Emerges Of Minutes Before Crash That Killed Four

Video footage has been discovered of the moments leading up to the horror crash that killed four people in Victoria over the weekend. 

Three teenagers and a 31-year-old woman were killed while driving down a narrow stretch of road in regional Victoria. 

Video footage has since emerged in the minutes leading up to the crash which was posted to Snapchat. 

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The video from inside the vehicle shows the car speeding down a dark road with a male passenger asking, “what speed are we doing?”. 

A female voice responds with “130” before a male replies with “Sweet”. 

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The crash killed 31-year-old Alicia Montebello, 15-year-old Joshua Elmes, 17-year-old Lucas Garzoli and another teenager girls who is yet to be formally identified. 

Another 17-year-old girl survived the crash and is currently in critical condition in Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. 

The teen has since shown some signs of improvement. 

An investigation has been established into the cause of the crash. 

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