Kayla smiles at the camera. She has dark hair in a ponytail.

Fitness Queen Kayla Itsines on Her Baby Body “Bounce Back”

Fitness influencer Kayla Itsines has spoken about the pressure mums face to bounce back and says women shouldn’t feel pressured to look like her post-partum.

The Adelaide-based trainer spoke to Jamila Rivzi on The Weekend Briefing about motherhood, how the fitness industry has changed and her road from charging $30 for training sessions, to the rich list.

As a new mum to four-month-old Jax, who she shares with her partner Jay, Kayla also spoke about how much support mothers need. She says we need to be more honest about it.

“I’ve said this so many times and I want to make sure that everyone hears this, that my pet peeve is how much people lie. Like celebrities and influencers lie about how much help that they have.”

“They are like, you know, ‘I look so put together and I’m doing this podcast today…’ There are so many people in my house right now, you wouldn’t even be able to count. My family lives on the street,” she said.

“If I need someone to like if I’m having the worst night’s sleep, there’s Jay’s mum, there’s my mum, there’s my sister, there’s my PA Amber, who’s also my friend sitting next to me like, there’s everyone, I have so much help. So I’m not in a position to complain about sleep or lack of time to do things like that this time around. It has been just me smiling.”

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Kayla says the abundance of help is also one of the reasons she has “bounced back” from her pregnancy so quickly.

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“I did a big post on the fact that one like I was very clear, again, one I have lots of help. One, I have lots of help. Two, I’m genetically a smaller human…So when you look at my recovery, please don’t look at it as the fact that I even exercise, the fact that I’m just a small person will put me in a category of a ‘fast bounce back'”

“And also the fact that this is my job. I’m a personal trainer. And my job is to create programmes. If you need advice for training, fitness, that postpartum please listen to me, but don’t look at my body and think why is she in the position that she’s in? Because it only is because I have helped. This is my job. Like, you guys don’t get paid to go to the gym and train? I do.”

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