Federal Government To Ban Nazi Symbols In National Crackdown

The sale of Nazi memorabilia will be made a criminal offence under a recent crackdown on hate symbols by the Federal Government. 

A person who displays or sells a Nazi hate symbol could face up to 12 months in prison under proposed new laws by the Albanese government. 

These new laws are believed to be harsher than current penalties in place across Victoria and NSW. 

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The ban will see the sale of certain Nazi memorabilia including the Nazi swastika carry a fine of up to $16,500. 

It will soon become a criminal offence to sell Nazi paraphernalia punishable by a up to a year in prison. 

The new legislation is expected to be introduced to parliament by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus next week. 

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Mr Dreyfus told The Age that the new legislation will aim to prevent people from using the “evil symbols… to promote their hatred”. 

“We will no longer allow people to profit from the display and sale of items which celebrate the Nazis and their evil ideology,” he said. 

“The ban includes, but is not limited to, the trade and public display of flags, armbands, t-shirts, insignia and the publication of symbols online promoting Nazi ideology.”

The move follows a crackdown by the Victoria and NSW governments last year banning the display of Nazi symbols. 

The Victorian government also pushed to have the Nazi salute banned after a group of neo-Nazis stormed an anti-trans rally outside of the Victorian parliament. 

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