Daniel Ricciardo

F1 Star Daniel Ricciardo Becomes Subject Of Erotic Novel Series

Aussie F1 star Daniel Ricciardo has recently become the subject of a number of erotic novels. 

The book ‘Overtake My Heart: Thicc Ric Races for Love’ is believed to be the first book of a series of 69 erotic novels. 

The series is being named the ‘Daniel Ricciardo Erotic Adventure Series’ with the cover of the first book showing a shirtless, buff Daniel Ricciardo on top of an RB19 car. 

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The book follows the character Emily, “as she navigates the thrilling and glamorous world of Formula 1 racing, and tangles with the irresistible, charming playboy, Daniel Ricciardo.”

“Will Emily’s love be enough to tame the notorious heartbreaker? Will Daniel risk his career and reputation for the woman who’s captured his heart?” the synopsis reads.

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“Buckle up for a love story that’s as unpredictable and exhilarating as the race itself. You’ll be on the edge of your seat until the very last page!”

The F1 star only recently discovered the books while on US actor Dax Sheppard’s podcast Eff One with DRS. 

“I have never heard of this, I think I’m flattered,” Ricciardo said. 

“I don’t know but I can’t say I’ve heard of it.”

The book is so far a hit with Ricciardo fans receiving a three star rating out of five. 

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