Elderly Woman Dies After Found With Maggot-Infested Wounds At Aged Care Home

An elderly woman’s died in hospital after being found with maggot infested wounds at a Brisbane aged care facility.

Whistleblower Katleyn said she worked at BlueCare’s Kallangur Pilgrim Aged Care for 13 years, but never returned after the incident last year.

I bent down so I could see (the wound), that’s when I saw just maggots all over, the wound was severely infected, it had this horrific smell,”

she said.

“It was like nothing I’d ever seen and a picture I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get out of my mind.

“I remember the maggots just dropping onto the floor and the nurse I was with she just completely broke down and started crying.”

Katelyn said she immediately raised the alarm with senior staff but claims an ambulance was only called once the woman started having breathing difficulties.

The Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed when they did receive a call, only breathing issues were flagged, and no mention was made of the woman’s infected wounds or the maggots.

The following day I found out that this resident passed away in hospital,”

she said.

A BlueCare spokesperson said the facility self-reported the incident to the aged care regulator and today is fully accredited and compliant with quality standards.

After receiving the report and separate complaints last year, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) investigated the incident and found the facility non-compliant in personal and clinical care, organisational governance and post-fall monitoring practices at the time, as well as that it failed to report other incidents in line with its legal obligations.

BlueCare said Kallangar Pilgrim Aged Care’s since taken actions to improve resident care, and maintains that the health, safety and wellbeing of residents and staff are its highest priority.

An ACQSC report showed the improvements since made at the facility include staff undergoing wound training, daily wound meetings and reviews, an external specialist reviewing resident wounds every few weeks, and a new wound trolley.

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