Does Your Make Up Contain Harmful Chemicals?

On today’s Briefing, our LiSTNR investigative journalist Clair Weaver took some cosmetic products to a laboratory for testing because of a hunch that they contain some very concerning chemicals known as PFAS. 

According to the Australian Defense Force, PFAS stands for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances and are manufactured chemicals used in products from non-stick fry pans, carpets, and couches to everyday makeup products. 

Listen to the episode below to find out which brands that contain PFAS: 

Weaver says there are two reasons we should care about PFAS. One is linked to various human health problems, including cancer, thyroid disease, weakened immunity and infertility. 

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Another is environmental harm. PFAS is categorised as “forever chemicals” as they don’t break down under typical environmental conditions. 

We spent $22 billion each year on cosmetics and toiletries in Australia. And a lot of us put makeup or skincare products on our skin every day. So, it’s clearly something I thought was worth checking out,”

Weaver said.

Out of all the makeup products Weaver sent for a laboratory test, two came back positive, including different degrees of PFAS. 

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