What you need to know about guns in your neighbourhood.

Do You Know How Many Guns Are In Your Community?

There’s been a rise in shootings across Australia recently.

In Sydney, there were five shootings over the last five days last week, part of an escalation in violence after former drug lord Alen Moradian was gunned down in Bondi Junction.

In Melbourne, three men were hospitalized after being shot in targeted attacks. A man was shot in the abdomen on the doorstep of a home in Brisbane’s north and in Perth, a young mother died after being shot in the head in a suspected domestic violence murder-suicide.

LiSTNR’s Investigations editor Clair Weaver has dug into the guns issue to find out where they are located, who has them and what the authorities are doing to address the explosion in gun crime.

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“We have about 26.4 million people in Australia so it’s about one gun per 6 people if you averaged it out across the population. But, of course, they aren’t spread around evenly. There are, for example, postcodes in rural areas that actually have more guns than adults.”

On today’s Briefing: What you need to know about guns in your neighbourhood.

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