Dissecting Prince Harry And Prince William’s Royal Rift

We all know Prince Harry and Prince William do not get along. The split between brothers was solidified when Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle, ditched their Royal titles, citing bullying and racism within the palace walls and press as the cause.

But passages in Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir “Spare” suggests that their tensions are traced from birth. The Prince confesses an underlying resentment over being “the spare heir”.

There is no denying their shared personality differences: On one hand, you have the traditional and conformist Prince William and on the other the rebellious Prince Harry. But these differences are hallmarks of Birth order theory, a term in psychology to analyze the development of a child’s personality through the order in which they are born.

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William is the perfect firstborn, his life path was laid out for him. It was ordained, his upbringing, education, career paths were designed to prepare him for the crown.

Leading parent expert, Michael Grose

On today’s Briefing, Michael Grose, a leading parent educator and author of seven parenting books, explains William and Harry’s disintegrated relationship through the lens of their birth order.

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