“Dirty, Rotten Scoundrel”: The Melissa Caddick Inquiry Findings

In November 2020, Melissa Caddick went missing after it emerged that she had conned over $20 million out of people through fake investment schemes. 

Three months after her disappearance, a partially decomposed foot matching her DNA washed up on an NSW beach.

Deputy State Coroner Elizabeth Ryan wrote: “The conclusion I have reached is that Melissa Caddick is deceased. However… I do not consider the evidence enables a positive finding as to how she died, or when and where this happened.”

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So what happened to Caddick? On today’s This Arvo In Sydney, host Sacha Barbour Gatt and SCA Sydney News Editor Amy Goggins unpacked the findings of the newly released colonial inquest.

Goggins said the 49-year-old disappeared a day after her luxurious eastern Sydney home was raided by the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Securities and Investment Corporation, a financial crimes watchdog.

She said the group was investigating allegations she ripped off a group of more than 60 clients, including many of her family and friends, who trusted her to manage over $20 million.

The day after the raid, Caddick vanished without a trace. She didn’t take her phone or her wallet. Her husband, hairdresser Anthony Coletti, claims she left the house to go for a walk in her activewear,”

Goggins said.

Caddick was not the only one who went missing, so did the tens of millions of dollars she allegedly stole.

That was our hard earned money that funded her lifestyle in a frivolous way. I think the part for me shows, from her point of view, a lack of respect for all the things that we had to do to earn that money,”

 a family member who has known Melissa for over 20 years said to 960 Minutes.

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