Dingo on K'gari

Dingo Involved In Attack On Jogger On K’gari Euthanised

The leader of a pack of dingoes responsible for an attack on a Brisbane woman on K’gari has been euthanised. 

The dingo was one of four dingoes that attacked a 23-year-old jogger on Orchid beach on Monday. 

Rangers are believed to have captured the dingo on Wednesday afternoon. 

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According to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, the dingo had been categorised as “high-risk” following a number of other incidents including an attack on a six-year-old girl. 

The decision to euthanise the two-year-old dingo was a “significant step” made by the traditional owners of the land along with K’gari’s rangers. 

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The woman was attacked while jogging on Monday morning and was rescued by two men passing by in a Ute. 

Emergency services transported the woman to a hospital for treatment to around 30 injuries including a deep laceration to her upper body. 

Rangers are still hoping to identify the other dingoes involved in the incident. 

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