Dingo Attack On K’gari Leaves Seven-Year-Old Injured

Another dingo attack has struck on the popular tourist island of K’gari (Fraser Island), leaving a seven-year-old girl suffering from puncture wounds to her thigh.

According to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), the girl’s family was waiting for the barge at Hook Point on Thursday when they noticed a dingo loitering around the landing.

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The dingo approached the seven-year-old, who attempted to escape. 

Unfortunately, the dingo pursued and bit her on the thigh. Onlookers who witnessed the incident intervened, chasing the dingo away.

The parents promptly informed Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) rangers, confirming their decision to seek medical treatment for their daughter on the mainland. 

The attack is under investigation by QPWS rangers, aiming to identify the involved dingo.

This incident follows the Queensland Government’s recent commitment to invest $2 million in the current financial year and an additional $3 million annually for ongoing public safety efforts on the island. 

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The funds will support the employment of six additional QPWS rangers, including three specialists and four Indigenous rangers collaborating with the traditional owners, the Butchulla People.

The surge in dingo-related concerns, including attacks and reports of unsupervised children on the island, prompted this proactive safety initiative. 

The new ranger deployments will enable increased patrols, visitor education, and enhanced management of dingoes displaying threatening and high-risk behaviour.

Anyone with information related to dingo incidents is encouraged to contact QPWS rangers at 07 4127 9150, contributing to the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of residents and visitors on K’gari.

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