Coles And Woolies Workers To Walk Off Job In Nationwide Strike

Over 1,000 of Coles and Woolworths employees are set to walk off the job on Saturday over current wages and work conditions.

The Retail and Fast Food Workers Union are in support of staff ceasing work for two hours from 10AM on Saturday.

The stoppage is expected to affect stores across NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA and ACT. 

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The strike comes after the supermarkets reported substantial profit over the past financial year as prices of product continue to rise but staff wages remain low. 

According to the union, the walk-out will be the country’s first coordinated supermarket strike in national history.

Approximately 1,000 workers are expected to participate in the strike. 

RAFFWU told 9NEWS that workers are asking for better wages and working conditions amid the cost of living crisis. 

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“Workers are paid a few cents more than the minimum wage. They just want a living wage to deal with the rising cost of living, they can’t even afford the groceries they’re selling,” he said.

“We want to see each time a worker is assaulted or abused to be treated like a crime. The level of abuse, threats intimidation and assaults is unprecedented and outrageous and the employers are not lifting a finger to stop it.

“We also want to see casual workers getting ongoing jobs. They just want to be able to have more hours in their contract to rely on and mega companies making mega profits should be able to provide that.”

While thousands are participating nationwide, Woolies have said they do not expect the strike to affect their usual operations. 

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