Christmas Associated With Significantly Increased Risk Of Penis Fractures

Christmas is associated with lots of things—like seeing family, eating copious amounts of food, getting lots of presents —but did you know the holidays are also associated with a significantly increased risk of penile fractures?

A new study out of Germany has found if every day was like Christmas, 43% more penile fractures would have occurred in Germany from 2005 onwards.

 An increased risk was also seen on weekends and over the summer holidays. However, New Year’s Eve was not associated with an increased incidence of penis injuries.

And for those who don’t know—the fracture often makes an audible crack, followed by severe pain, rapid loss of erection and severe swelling and bruising. 

“When [patients] present to their doctor, their penis often looks like an eggplant,” Dr Nikolaos Pyrgides, who led the research, explained. 

He said the injuries often occur during wild sex. 

The study also found the average age for sustaining this injury was 42 and that most penile fractures occur in “unconventional scenarios, such as during extramarital affairs or when sex is performed in unusual locations.”

If this happens to you or someone you know, you should visit a hospital for treatment immediately. 

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