All About Dominic Perrottet’s Brothers, The Hills and ICAC 

Remember the strange story about Dominic Perrottet’s brothers that happened before the last state election?  

This story broke when former Castle Hill MP Ray Williams used the protections of Parliamentary privilege in June last year to claim Toplace developer Jean Nassif had colluded with and given “significant funds”. 

The funds claimed to be received by Liberal party members to replace elected members of Hills Shire Council with new councillors who would support his development interests.  

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This week, it has been reported that the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) had launched an investigation into alleged impropriety at the Hills Shire Council in Sydney’s north-west. 

As part of the inquiry, brothers Charles Perrottet and Jean-Claude Perrottet, along with others, had been called as key witnesses but failed to show and could not be found anywhere.  

So, what will that lead to? And what allegedly happened in the first place?  

In today’s episode of THIS ARVO IN SYDNEY, host Sacha Barbour Gatt spoke to LiSTNR investigative editor Clair Weaver, to find out what had happened in the investigation.   

Charles Perrottet’s property in Melbourne was reportedly raided last week in connection with the ICAC investigation,”

Weaver said.  

Several Liberal party members’ homes were also raided and laptops and phones were seized.”

Weaver said the inquiry also heard that a meeting was held in 2019 at which Jean-Claude Perrottet and fellow Liberal Christian Ellis asked a businessman for $50,000. 

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The money then went towards a branch-stacking operation to unseat rival faction Liberal Federal MP Alex Hawke, whose electorate covers much of the Hills district.

So it’s alleged Mr Nassif, Christian Ellis, and Charles Perrottet colluded to replace existing councillors with a new team of people who would be more amenable, and that “significant funds” were used as payment to make this happen,”

she said.

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