sexual consent

One Woman’s Campaign To Change Australia’s Sexual Consent Laws

After a year of campaigning, education ministers finally listened to social activist Chanel Contos, approving her proposal to mandate holistic and age-appropriate consent education in every Australian school. 

If done right, it will help give kids insight into important concepts like power imbalances, coercion, entitlement and gendered stereotypes, as they traverse the complicated journey into adulthood. 

With the curriculum slated to roll out in 2023, The Briefing caught up with Chanel Contos to discuss her chat with the PM, how best to approach teaching the material, pornography and the issues with single-sex schools.

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“If someone understands body language and if someone has the person’s enjoyment at the centre of every sexual interaction, then it (sex consent) wouldn’t be a problem.” 

– Chanel Contos on consent.

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