Cancer In Victorians Is Being Diagnosed Less: This Campaign Aims To Change That

Cancer Council Victoria is urging people to have a cancer screening in a new campaign to be launched on Monday.

The Early Detection Saves Lives campaign comes after new data from the Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR) revealed the amount of cancer diagnoses will double in the state in the next 15 years if no action is taken.

Cancer Council Victoria says Victorians are still behind in receiving routine check-ups due to the Covid pandemic, and continuing to push these back could end in deadly results.

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The campaign will provide Victorians with information on cancer symptoms, what type of screenings are available, and advice on how to seek professional help.

Cancer Council Victoria CEO Todd Harper told the Herald Sun the data from the VCR showed many adults had changed their health behaviours during the pandemic.

“People told us they didn’t want to be a burden to the health system during Covid, or they found it too difficult to make appointments to have their regular cancer screening,” Mr Harper said.

“We want this campaign to kick start people into thinking about prioritising their health again, and the health of family and friends.”

The data referred to by Mr Harper revealed there were 3,864 fewer cancer diagnoses than predicted in 2020 and 2021 – including 396 fewer expected for breast cancer.

There are a number of national screening programs including for cervical, bowel and breast cancers, while Cancer Council also provides a number of resources to assist in early detection.

People can visit to find out more about the campaign and receiving screenings for a number of cancers. People can also call 13 11 20 to receive support from cancer nurses.

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