Sean Williams, CEO at AutogenAI

Can Artificial Intelligence Create Jobs? AutogenAI CEO Explains

AutogenAI is a rapidly growing UK-based generative AI company that aims to make new jobs instead of take them. Now it’s launching in Australia.

The software was written by a team of historians, psychologists and philosophers to enable clients to write winning bids for tenders, contracts and proposals.

AutogenAI CEO Sean Williams joins The Briefing podcast to talk about how the software can bring work opportunities:

The company went to market six weeks before ChatGPT, led by founder and CEO Sean Williams who started his career as a bid writer.

“Technology never replaces humans,” said Williams, “It pushes humans upwards in terms of thinking, intelligence, all the things that we’re still able to do that artificial intelligence and other tech is nowhere close to doing.”

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Williams said AutogenAI helps organisations to win more work, and will also benefit Citizens who use public services and small businesses.

“Large language models are a technology that’s going to change everything. They are incredibly powerful,” he said.

“We’re at a time a bit like the Internet in 1995. You’ve got this technology, you know it’s gonna change everything, but you’re not entirely sure how.”

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