Calls To Ban Dingo Bounty Across Victoria

The Victorian Government has suspended the dingo ‘unprotection’ order and bounty in north west Victoria, as animal welfare specialists call for a statewide ban.

The orders will be concluded from 14 March, “following new research, strong advice and the effectiveness of non-lethal dingo control methods to protect livestock,” writes the Victorian Premier’s office.

In other parts of Victoria, dingo culling orders will remain unchanged.

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Animal welfare specialists like Nicola Beynon from Humane Society International, want to see the ban implemented across the state.

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“We are pleased to see funding for landholders to assist with non-lethal measures for dingo management,” Beynon said.

“Dingoes are an important apex predator in the landscape and are of high conservation value due to their cultural significance and evolutionary role in regulating ecosystems,” she said.

Farmers in this area will be supported by a $550,000 investment to control other pests and adopt non-lethal dingo control methods such as exclusion fencing and guardian animals.

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