Calls For Action With Shortage Of Mental Health Beds In QLD

Newly appointed Health Minister Shannon Fentiman is already facing calls for better mental health funding in hospitals following the departure of former Health Minister Yvette D’Ath. 

Mental Health Minister Shannon Fentiman is being pushed to inject more funding into understaffed mental health system. 

The calls for change come as emergency departments are being forced to discharge mental health patients early due to a lack of staff beds. 

Mental health bed shortage in QLD hospitals:

Ms Fentiman said she believes there is “much more” that can be done to provide better mental health care to Australians and better working conditions for health workers. 

The push follows the deaths of two men who were released from mental health care before being shot dead by police in separate incidents. 

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Police shot and killed 52-year-old veteran Steven Angus in Townsville on April 21 after being transported to Townsville University Hospital by police several hours prior following a siege and threats to harm himself. 

A 29-year-old man was shot and killed by police in Grange on Sunday after allegedly lunging at police with a pitchfork and knife. The man had also been hospitalised on the Saturday for mental health issues. 

Investigations into both incidents have been established. 

Mental Health Minister Shannon Fentiman has said that injecting more funding into the struggling mental health system in a “top priority” following the appointment of her new role. 

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