Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark: Why The Women’s NBA Player Is Getting Jostled On Court

22-year-old Caitlin Clark is one of the most promising female basketball players in the US, but her entrance as a white player in a predominantly Black sport hasn’t been without controversy.

Clark made the transition from college ball to being signed as the number one draft pick for the Indiana Fever this year and has since signed a record $28m contract with Nike.

Former US college basketball player and Triple M Sydney breakfast anchor Cat Lynch said this could have caused some friction on the court. 

Triple M anchor Cat Lynch unpacks the Caitlin Clark controversy on The Briefing podcast:

“It would be quite easy I would think for other players to go, well, hang on a second. You know, we’re good players too. Why are we not getting the same attention and these same deals and sponsorships? Is it because we’re African-American players?” Lynch said.

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There has also been concerns about racism from some of Clark’s followers.

“This is generated not by [Clark], It’s generated by her support group that is far and wide and some of them quite right wing.”

Clark said she is disappointed by followers who are using her name to push political agendas, and that all players should be treated equally.

“It comes to the head that then you know, these African-American players feel targeted by her supporters who are saying hateful things to them.”

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