Cairns Council Election Candidate Appears In Videos With Nazi Flag

A man from Far North Queensland, aspiring to become a local councillor, has been featured in multiple videos with a Nazi flag.

Shane Cuthbert, an independent candidate in next year’s Cairns Regional Council election, said the YouTub videos of him with a Nazi flag in the background were “not indicative of who I am”.

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Mr Cuthbert told ABC he planned to remove the videos and said it was “not a good look”.

However, the Cairns council election candidate still keeps some of the videos online.

Mr Cuthbert delivered online speeches in a series of life coaching-style videos posted to YouTube in December 2019 with a large Nazi flag on a pole in the background.

The videos covered various topics, including discussions on former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, the evolving roles of men and women, and childhood trauma.

Channel 7 reported on Mr Cuthbert’s online history in March last year, where he reportedly informed the journalist that the flag was not his, nor was the location where he filmed.

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He informed ABC that after the Channel 7 interview, he attempted to delete the videos from his account but acknowledged that he didn’t remove them all, considering it “another oversight”.

“It’s not a good look, no,” he said.

“It’s definitely, certainly not indicative of who I am as a person. I think the work that I do in the community, especially Indigenous communities, especially with Indigenous youth at the moment, I think it paints a very different picture.

“All I can really say to that is: it’s not my flag, I don’t own it, it was not my premises.

“At the time, it was a shop that sold a bunch of old, cool stuff, and look I just thought it looked cool. Not the flag. But just the background of the store and the colours and things like that.

“I just thought this is an interesting, eye-catching spot to film a video.”

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