Eight People Rescued From Dangling Cable Car In Pakistan

The eight people left dangling from a broken cable car in Pakistan have all been rescued after the 14-hour ordeal.

Seven of those on board were children travelling to school, when the car they were in broke and dangled at an angle about 7am on Tuesday local time.

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The passengers were left suspended 275 metres above ground in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province – where cable cars are commonly used to connect remote villages.

As recovery efforts unfolded, one of the children on board had fainted due to heat and fear.

The first two children were finally recused shortly after 7pm local time by helicopter.

After nightfall, another three children had been rescued before Pakistan’s acting Prime Minister Anwaar ul-Haq Kakar announcing on Twitter the remaining three passengers had also been rescued.

“Relieved to know that Alhamdolillah all the kids have been successfully and safely rescued. Great team work by the military, rescue departments, district administration as well as the local people.”

The Pakistan military also confirmed the rescues in a statement.

“An extremely difficult and complicated operation has been successfully completed by the Pakistan military,” the military said in a statement.

“All stranded persons were safely evacuated and moved to a safe place … Civil administration and locals also actively came forward to participate in this operation.”

The rescue was plagued with problems, as two earlier helicopter attempts had to be terminated as strong wind gusts posed dangers to the chopper’s blades further destabilising the car.

A cable strong nine metres above the car also hindered efforts.

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