bondi junction stabbing

Bondi Junction Stabbing Witness Brendan Blomeley Shares Harrowing Experience

Tasmanian politician, Brendan Blomeley, was celebrating his birthday with his two children in Bondi when he was caught in Westfield Bondi Junction stabbing attack, which saw six people dead.

Blomley recounted the harrowing events to Triple M’s Breakfast with Marto, Margaux and Dan this morning.

“My thought was, well, there might be bombers. It could be a terrorism attack. You think the worst.”


“I just picked up the kids and ran along with hundreds if not thousands of other people and it was quite extraordinary series of events. As I said recently to others this is really when the chips are down that Australians have been together and really step up and the support for each other was quite extraordinary.” said Blomeley.

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